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Cell Phones/Electronics, Hats, and the 10/10 Policy


Cell Phones/Electronics ~ Hats ~ 10/10 Policies





Cell Phones/Electronic Devices Policy


  • Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight in the classroom (Unless required for classroom activity).
  • Cell phones are not to be used out in the hallways, commons or outside areas during class time.
  • Cell phones are permitted to be out and used during passing periods and during your lunch.
  • Cell phones may be confiscated if they are visible during class time.
  • Cell phones will be returned one day a week (Thursdays). If device is confiscated on Thursday or Friday it will be returned the following Thursday.
  • Student’s refusing to hand over their phone or electronic device to a staff member will be disciplined for defiance.
  • Hemet High School is not responsible for lost or stolen phones, IPods, etc.

Hats Policy


  • Students are only permitted to wear Hemet High School sports, clubs, or sponsored hats while on campus.
  • Students can purchase Hemet High School sports, clubs, and sponsored hats via ASB and/or coaches.
  • Teacher may request that hats be removed in the classroom or inside buildings as has been a long standing custom in our society.
  • Confiscated hats will be held on to and given back at the end of the semester.



Ten-Ten Rule


The Ten-Ten Rule requires all students to be in class the first 10 minutes of every class and the concluding 10 minutes of class (barring medical emergency). This ensures the safety and security of the campus as well as promotes maximum use of instructional time for students. Students are given ample time between classes to use the bathroom facilities. Students who have special circumstances will be permitted to handle their duties through the nurse’s office.