School Policies » Guidlines for Excused Absences and Truancies

Guidlines for Excused Absences and Truancies




1     Personal illness (school may require doctor’s note verifying absence after 14 days).

2     Quarantine under the direction of a health officer.

3     Personal medical, dental, optometrist or chiropractic appointments.

4     Funeral services for a member of the immediate family (limited to one day in the state and three days out of state).

5     Student serving on jury duty.

6     Exclusion for illness or medical appointment of a child whom the pupil is the custodial parent for.

7     Personal court appearance (requires verification).

8     Prior Principal approval for employment conference.

9     Employment in the entertainment industry for a maximum of up to five absences per school year.

10   Observance of a religious holiday or ceremony (recommended three (3) days advance notice to school).

11   Religious retreat (limited to four hours per semester).

12   Prior Principal approval for reasons which may not be included elsewhere, but are pursuant to uniform standards established by the Governing Board.