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Student Dress Code



The manner in which students dress for school influences behavior in learning.  Students are expected to come to school dressed in a manner that assures adequate modesty.  Student dress that causes disruption or leads to unsatisfactory behavior is inappropriate and is not to be worn.  Violation of dress standards can result in a warning or suspension for willful defiance of authority.

·      First Offense=Warning and change of clothing.  A dress code shirt will be given then returned by student to OCR.  Confiscated shirts will be returned to the student at that time.

·      Second Offense = 1 to 2 lunch detentions

·      Third Offense = 2-day suspension from school

·      Parents must pick up confiscated clothing

SEE GOVERNING BOARD POLICY 5132(a) on the following page.



·      Spiked projections from rings, belts, belt buckles, hats, or any item worn by a student.  Spiked items will be confiscated and not returned to student.

·      Safety pins

·      Oversized, sagged or baggy pants

·      Lettered or numbered belt buckles

·      Apparel with emblems, printing, etc., that creates animosity between groups and/or individuals.

·      Metal reinforced footwear such as Doc Martin boots (steel toe).

·      Glider Shoes

·      Trench Coats

·      Earrings, jewelry, body piercing or accessories which present a safety hazard to the wearer or others are not suitable for school wear.

·      187 on any article of clothing or accessories (hat, belt, etc.)

·      Clothing/belt buckle that promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or weapons (including guns, brass knuckles, silhouettes).



·      Underwear/undergarments showing (pertains to both male and female)

·      Sagging pants

·      Revealing clothing

·       Bare midriffs – shirts or blouses must extend beyond belt level (front and back)

·       See-through

·       Perforated clothing without undergarments

·       Cut off shirts

·       Revealing shorts/underwear showing

·       Ripped tops and pants

·       Tube/Strapless tops

·       Halter tops

·       Spaghetti straps (over another shirt is ok)

·       Backless tops

·       One-strap tops

·       Reference to sex, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or weapons on clothing

·       Silhouette of woman on clothing

·       No pajamas on campus

·       No slippers

·       Tank tops.  We will be using the following guide for tank tops at school.  When a student wears a tank top the straps must cover the undergarment straps. We will no longer measure the strap width.  If we see an undergarment strap, the student will receive a dress code violation.  If we can see undergarments through the tank top, the student will receive a dress code violation.  White, ribbed tank tops are  considered undergarments and are not to be worn at school.



Pictures, images, words, silhouettes of women, or sayings that are offensive by traditional standards shall not be visible on clothing.  Pictures of guns, brass knuckles, hand grenades and/or other weapons would also fit in this category.



Hats shall not be altered. Teacher may request that hats be removed in the classroom or inside buildings as has been a

long standing custom in our society.  No professional sports hats are allowed. Confiscated hats will be held on to and given back at the end of the semester.



Hoods are not to be worn inside building.



Bandannas, headbands, sweatbands, dew rags, wave caps and hairnets are not allowed.  For purposes of protection, these items will be confiscated.  Wearing and covering the above items with a baseball cap will not be permitted. These items are not to be hanging from pockets. Confiscated items will NOT BE RETURNED.



·      Any individualizing of apparel to designate affiliation with gang or similar outside organizations will not be allowed.

·      Identification with school teams, clubs, and organizations is encouraged.



Wallet chains must be 12” or less with small links.  No multiple chains (2 or more).  Chains not meeting these requirements will be confiscated.  Illegal chains will not be returned to the student.




For the safety of all students, gang related apparel is not acceptable. The district will collaborate with law enforcement agencies to update changes in gang-related apparel as necessary.  Any clothing, apparel, or “colors”* that a student or group of students wears to identify themselves for the purpose of harassing, threatening or intimidating others will not be allowed. Additionally, clothing shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which identifies a professional sports team or any group advocating or participating in disruptive behaviors.

*The term “colors” is defined as a display by the wearing or placement of apparel by a group of students, or an individual student, which would signify the membership or intent of membership in a student group known to advocate or participate in disruptive or illegal behavior.

Because gang-related symbols are constantly changing, definitions of gang-related apparel shall be reviewed at least once each semester and updated whenever related information is received.

Examples of current symbols identified as gang related are professional sports team logos.

Examples of symbols advocating prejudice are Skin and Iron Crosses/Independent Crosses.

These symbols are not allowed on the school campuses.



First Offense: Parents notified, change of item in question and/or attends OCR, or serves 2 day suspension if not cooperative with school staff.

Second Offense: Parents notified, 2 day suspension, Behavior Contract.

Third Offense: Parents notified, 5 day suspension, Guidance Council for possible expulsion or change of placement.  Parents must pick up confiscated items.

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Gang Activities

Gang Activities on the school campus are a threat to campus safety and to an individual’s feelings of security.  Such activities disrupt the learning environment of the school.

Any student or group of students who engage in any activity that is determined to be gang related by the school administration will be dealt with through conferences, suspension, expulsion, or transfer to alternative study programs.  Objectionable activities include:

·      Fighting.

·      Threats to students or school personnel.

·      Wearing of gang clothing (hats, shirts, jackets) or insignias of gangs.

·      Wearing or displaying headbands or bandannas.

·      Apparel with emblems, printing, etc., that creates animosity between groups and/or individuals.

·      Making gang hand signs.

·      Encouraging others to fight.

·      Possession of weapons or explosives.

·      Doc Martin type boot with steel toes (black with color laces).

·      Any other activity or dress that indicates support or belonging to a gang.

·      Bandannas, towels, or other clothing items hanging from pocket.

·      Gang members (non students) coming onto campus looking for one of our students to fight.

·      The wearing of hats, shirts, jackets or any other clothing with gang names or an individual student’s name or nickname is not acceptable.  However, the uniforms and auxiliary clothing of school sponsored groups and teams are acceptable campus dress.

All students have the right to feel safe and secure and to walk the campus without feeling threatened. This feeling of safety allows students to concentrate in their studies.