TV » Broadcasting Course Requested for 2019-20

Broadcasting Course Requested for 2019-20

Broadcasting Course Request

Student Interested in Broadcasting For School Year 2019-20.


You, along with many other students, have expressed interest in being in next year’s broadcasting/video production class that produces the schools daily bulletin. I will only be accepting a limited number of new students in the class. Alternates may be available after initial selection if someone chosen cannot fit it into their schedule. More on that when the time comes.


Due to the number of students who have applied and the limited number of positions available, Mr. Hill is sending out this invitation to see who may be most qualified along with his inspection of your attendance, punctuality, and your teacher recommendations.  You must also be carrying at least a 2.0 Total GPA to be in this course.


  • Stop by room 163 and inform Mr. Hill that you will be completing this process.


    To be considered for the class, Mr. Hill is asking you to create a short video (1 to 2 minutes) introducing yourself. In the video you should be interesting, fun, informative,  creative and talk creatively about: 


    1 Yourself


    2 Your class schedule for next year (or what you hope it to be)


    3 What video editing software (if any) have you worked with and/or have you taken a Multi-media class with Mr. Hill?


    4 What school activities have you been in previously, or will be involved in next year. (Note: If you have a conflict with another class that is only offered the same time this course is offered, you will have to choose. Please make sure you want to be here.)


    5 Your most creative idea for a video that would/will be taking place at Hemet High during the year (you may show some examples)


    6 Do a interesting short three question (with more than a one word response) interview with you interviewing someone on camera


    7 Tell me what you can bring to the classroom in ideas, creativity, cooperation, work ethics and entertainment


    8  Read into the camera either the Hemet High Alma Matar or the Fight Song.  You don't have to do both.  Make sure you are looking/reading into the camera.  (You may read or sing it into the camera.)


    HHS Alma Mater


    In a lovely nestled valley

    stands our school revered.

    Noble Alma Mater Hemet

    ere to us endeared.


    Raise the chorus, speed it onward, shout it to the sky...

    hail to thee our Alma Mater,

    Hail to Hemet High!!!


    HHS Fight Song


    We're gonna "Fight! Fight! Fight! for Hemet High,

    Let every loyal Bulldog sing;


    We're gonna "Fight! Fight! Fight! for Hemet High,

    Until the walls and rafters ring (Go Dawgs!)


    Come on and cheer, cheer, cheer, for Hemet High

    Come on and cheer until you hear the final gun.


    We're gonna "Fight! Fight! Fight! for Hemet High,

    Until the game is won.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    You must include video footage of course, but you may also wish to include some still shots, text and other imagery as well. You may have others involved in your production but you must be in front of the camera too, Mr. Hill has to see you in the video.


    Create the video and submit it to Mr. Hill as a shared link from your Google drive (to: or a flash (thumb) drive delivered to Mr. Hill, so that I (Hill) would have access to it.  The video MUST be in an mp4, m4v, or mov format so that I can view it.  If you have an issue on how to complete this, see Mr. Hill.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Write up a short Essay and tell Mr. Hill why you would be a great fit for next year’s bulletin. Email the essay to Mr. Hill with the subject line of  ~  Broadcasting 2019-20.  Also include at least two (2) teachers/staff/administrators names that would recommend you and that I may contact on your behalf.




    NOTE: Due to the administration request to move up the master schedule for next year, the deadline for consideration will be Friday, April 26th, at 3:00 p.m.   Failure to have the video and essay submitted by the deadline will exclude you from consideration for broadcasting. This happened to some very good students last year. It will be your responsibility to get the content in by the deadline. You can check with Mr. Hill to make sure he has it if you want.


    I know it’s a busy time of year but it’s like that for everyone, and in broadcasting, it’s like that most every day where things have to get done on the spur of the moment. The bulletin still has to be produced, edited, and posted with solid content every day.


    The earlier you get this in, the better it will be for you and me. This will give me time to review your work and possibly call you in for an interview by current students.


    Good Luck and Mr. Hill is anxious to see your work.


    Final notifications will be sent out by the end of the school year.


    If you have questions, please see him in room 163.


    Good Luck.