CSF- CA Scholarship Federation » SCHOLARSHIP FOR SERVICE


Meetings: 2nd Tuesday each Month
Dues: $4.00 per year
Qualifications: A points-based system according to the CSF guidelines
  •     Minimum of 10 points from the prior semester grades
  • First 4 points must be from List I
  • First 7 (includes first 4) must be from Lists I and II
  • Grade of A (non-weighted) = 3
  • Grade of B = 1
  • One additional Point shall be given in AP, IB or Honors up to max of two such points 
  • You may not have any D or F grades on your semester report
Scholarship for Service:
Qualifying for the Seymour Memorial Scholarship
  • 100 documented volunteer hours
  • 4.0 or higher GPA
  • Recommendation by Adviser and one academic instructor
  • Diversity in activities
How to qualify your community Service:
Keep track of all events at which you help
Get some kind of proof (time-card, sponsor sheet, sign in sheet, registration, etc)
So many things qualify!
Can/item collecting
Any club service activity, it does not have to be CSF
Walks/runs for charity organizations