HHS LCAP Surveys

Students of Hemet High School:

The Hemet Unified School District and Hemet High School would like you to complete the LCAP Surveys from the attached link below.:

To better support you, your school and teachers would like to ask you some questions about how you think and feel. Only your teachers and school leaders will be able to see your responses, which will not affect your class grades. Please respond honestly—there are no right or wrong answers!

One survey is for the Student Climate on campus.  The second one is the Student SEL Survey.  Both surveys ask about your behavior, experiences, and attitudes related to school.  We look forward to using your feedback to try to make schools better.  Thank you for taking this survey!

Student Surveys:

This is the link to the student survey (grades 3-12 only):


Access code is the student's permanent ID number   Thanks.


Source: Hemet High School
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