Board Scholarship Winners

As a district, we are committed to providing various opportunities to students so they can be successful. In fact, one of our goals is to ensure our students graduate high school college and career ready. With this wonderful goal in mind, we want to ensure that we celebrate students who achieve this. During the April 11th Governing Board Meeting, Board Trustee Megan Haley announced the 25 students who received a Governing Board Scholarship out of the 107 applications the committee received. 

Governing Board Trustees Stacey Bailey, Megan Haley, and Ross Valenzuela were on this year’s scholarship committee. The Governing Board was able to award scholarships to 25 students totaling $16,000. Mr. Valenzuela, who has been on the scholarship committee for multiple years, was amazed at the number of students who applied. He said he was happy to see students take advantage of this opportunity to receive money for college expenses. 

Stacey Bailey, Governing Board Trustee, said, “It was fascinating to see the diversity of colleges our students have been accepted into. We had students with a wide variety of talents and attributes who had overcome many obstacles to be graduates we can all admire. 

Megan Haley said she was happily surprised by the number of applications they received, but most importantly happy to give money to so many of the students. She mentioned that the applications were very heartfelt and wished there was even more money that they could give to these deserving students. “There were a lot of tales to be told,” said Haley. She continued to say that the stories and goals that these students shared inspired her as an educator and made her proud to serve as part of a district that provides various opportunities to its students.  

Thank you to the scholarship committee for providing scholarships to our students and for your continued support in their educational journey!


Board Scholarships:

Alessandro High School

            Roma Moran - $500


ASPIRE Community Day School

            Aleea Diamond Moore- $500


Hamilton High School

            Miguel Barajas- $500

            Matthew Collins - $1,000

            Russell Collins - $1,000


Helent Hunt Jackson/College Prep High School

            Calysto Patrick – CPHS - $1,000

            Cinthia Sanchez – HHJ - $500


Hemet High School

            Carly Grider - $500

            Monique Grover - $500

            Courtney Heath - $500

            Daniel Heffington - $500

            Cassi Tichy - $500


Tahquitz High School

            Ernesto Calumpang - $500

            Zachary Miller - $1,000

            Austin Smith - $500


Western Center Academy

            Joshua Beal - $500

            Noah Delano - $500

            Andrea Mares - $500


West Valley High School

            Jevford Barro - $500

            Joelle Hameister - $500

            Isabel Michel - $1,000

            Caleb Tamez - $500

            Kristina Usenko - $1,000

            Erin Valenzuela - $1,000

            Diana Velarde - $500

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