Hemet High Staff Meet with Superintendent

Hemet High School had a staff meeting with Superintendent Christi Barrett on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. The Superintendent greeted many of the staff as they arrived and was formally introduced by principal, Dr. Emily Shaw.

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 Ms. Barrett gave a brief background of where she came from and the foundations of her principles and then began an activity of Start/Stop where faculty member were asked to use three different colored cards to write down the issues that represented something that they felt the district was going in the right direction, something that they felt we needed to continue, and those things that were not being utilized or effective. The staff was broken down into groups to discuss and present their findings to the entire body where the Ms. Barrett commented and discussed each item. 

There was also a follow-up with questions and answers as the Superintendent stayed after and also answered individual questions from staff. 

The meeting was extremely positive and professional and it gave our staff a glimpse of what the expectations were and what was to come from district office. Many felt this as a breath of fresh air to be talked to, listened to, and to be able to have an open discussion directly with our Superintendent.

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