Seal of Multiliteracy

A total of twenty-one students from Tahquitz High School and Hemet High School were recognized by Riverside County of Education (RCOE) on November 30, 2016.  These students received a Seal of Multiliteracy award with approximately 500 people in attendance to offer their congratulations to students across the county that were recognized. 

This prestigious award verifies that the student has a high level of proficiency in a second language. The Seal will appear on college transcripts informing all of this marketable skill. RCOE’s intent to celebrate this accomplishment is to encourage the learning of all languages, contribute to a better global understanding, and emphasize the value of knowing multiple languages. 

Students had to submit an intent to apply form, complete an application and a five-paragraph essay in English, and participate in an on-demand speaking and writing event in English and the target language (Spanish for Hemet Unified) in order to apply for this recognition. Students were then selected by a team from the county office. 

Foreign language teachers at Hemet and Tahquitz helped prepare students for the on-demand event and develop their essays. Staff members were thrilled with the number of applicants this year. The previous year, Tahquitz had fourteen students and this year that number grew to eighteen. Last year Tahquitz was the only high school in the district whose students were recognized. Hemet Unified is proud that students from Hemet High were also recognized and given this prestigious award this year. 

Congratulations to the twenty-one Tahquitz and Hemet High students for achieving and receiving RCOE’s Seal of Multiliteracy, and the staff members that helped them throughout the process!

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