Hemet High School Freshmen Orientation and Interest Form

About 350 class of 2018 freshmen showed up for an orientation last night, March 13, 2014 at Hemet High School to have a tour of the school put on by ASB and Link Crew members along with the administration, counselors, teachers, coaches and advisors, and upperclassmen.  Groups of about 20 freshmen, parents, grandparents, and siblings took the tour of the entire campus, from the theatre to the classroom, from the pool deck and athletic fields, to the commons and inside the historic building.


See some of the photo’s taken by Yearbook here.


Tables were set up in the commons with coaches and club advisors available to talk to students and parents and for incoming freshmen to sign up for clubs and sports that they may be interested in trying out for or joining.


Fill out your high school interests on the form flowing this link, click here.


Then it was on to the gym for a mass meeting with Principal Dr. Emily Shaw along with her administrative team, counselors and teachers pitching their department offerings.  Before it could begin however, class of 2018 students were asked to sit on the gym floor so there would be enough room for the parents and family members in the portable bleachers.  They were installed because a chain snapped on the main bleacher section, so the quick thinking staff came up with it’s best alternative.  It seemed to make the gathering more interesting being that all the freshmen came together, as a class for the very first time.


Students were greeted and welcomed by Dr. Shaw, a short video welcoming the future freshmen was presented by students of Multi-Media.  Counselors and teachers began talking to the audience about various programs what would make them successful high school students.


And then, the power went out, everything went dark, right in the middle of ASB President Nathan Timpsons speech.  Like a true leader, he kept the presentations going as Mr. Fernandes had set up a battery operated mic and speaker.  So with the doors opened for light and a freakish rain storm brewing outside, everyone who came got to tell the future Bulldogs what they had to offer the new students to Hemet High.  Mr. Fernandes mentioned that he thought this was a sign, a sign that this class was going to be something special, that they were to do something special.  Only time will tell.


Welcome class of 2018!  Welcome to Hemet High School.

To let us know about what clubs, groups, organizations, and sports you may be interested in next year, please fill out the form linked below:  (same link as the one above in story)

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