Valentine’s big deal at Hemet High


Valentine’s Day could not have been more apparent Friday at Hemet High.

Heart-shape balloons tethered with colorful ribbons floated over students lunching in the commons areas.

The lunch break was filled with the sound of happy conversation. Students everywhere carried roses. Besides enthusiasm inspired by the day of love, they also keenly looked forward to the end of class. They have the entire next week off for a Presidents’ five-day holiday break.

Valentine’s Day seemed to have cast a very positive spell. Students were well mannered and enthusiastic. Their spirit was impressive.

Busy Keri Jacobson, who ably staffs the front desk at the entrance of the school, knew quite well that it was an extra-important day for students.

She was busy checking in roses and balloons that were dropped off at the school. She was surrounded by Valentine’s bouquets and balloons. She looked like the luckiest woman in the world.

“I’ve haven’t done my regular things today,” she said between answering phone calls. “I’ve just done this.”

Floral shops delivered flowers. Others were dropped off by parents, relatives and friends.

For each delivery, she sent out a notification. She was resigned to the chore. At least it was a happy distraction.

Korryn Miller, who plays on Hemet High’s Mountain Pass League champion soccer team, squealed with glee when she wandered into the school’s front office.

She learned the massive bouquet of many dozens of roses on the front counter was for her.

Interestingly, of the more than 50 Valentine’s Day bouquets dropped off at the school by noon Friday, Jacobson estimated only about a half dozen were for teachers or staff members. All the rest were for students.

The ratio surprised me.

Don’t teachers deserve love too?
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