Retired teacher appointed to Hemet board


   Vic Scavarda left the classroom 12 months ago, but he isn't done serving students.

   Scavarda was a unanimous choice Tuesday, June 4, to fill the term on the Hemet Unified School District governing board that will open when Bill Sanborn resigns at the end of the month.

   Scavarda, 61, was one of four men seeking the appointment to the seat, which represents the communities of Idyllwild, Mountain Center and Pine Cove.

   “I love the classroom,” Scavarda said shortly after being appointed. “That’s where my heart is. This is my chance to do something on a different level.”

   Scavarda was a teacher for 37 years, 33 in Hemet Unified. 
Most of those years were at Idyllwild School. He started as a music teacher at various schools before moving fulltime to the classroom.

   The other candidates were John Graham, a retired teacher, Robert Righetti, head of the Hemet Taxpayers
Association, and Charles Schelly, a chiropractor.

   All spoke of their ties to the mountain communities.

   Scavarda said he realizes he must balance what’s best for Idyllwild School with 
what’s best for the entire district. The school educates students through eighth grade before most attend Hemet High School.

   “It’s easy to get myopic up there, but we need to follow (our students) all the way through,” he said.

   The candidates were all asked the same four questions 
: what are your qualifications, why do you want to be a trustee, how would you handle a constituent who confronted you in public and why should you be selected?

   Scavarda was the only candidate the board nominated and all six trustees voted for him.

   Trustees Jim Smith and Ross Valenzuela both said they were swayed a bit by the support Scavarda received.

   Longtime teacher Patty Carratello spoke in his favor in front of the board Tuesday and many other people sent
trustees messages backing him.

   “With the information I got from the community at large, Vic Scavarda was at the top of the list,” Valenzuela said.

   Scarvada said he was overwhelmed by the support.

   “I certainly love Idyllwild,” he said. “If I get a chance to help Idyllwild School and this wonderful community I live in, I’m ready to do that.”

   This is Scavarda’s first attempt at public office and he said it’s too soon to decide if he will seek the seat fulltime when the term expires in December 2014.

   “I’m not ruling out the possibility,” he said.

   Sanborn, who sat out the questioning and vote, is resigning after almost 23 years on the board as he is moving 
to Minnesota.

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Vic Scavarda

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