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   Natalie Dunn, a 17-year-old senior at Hemet High School, has had an active high school experience. From cheer to dance to community events with her church, Natalie enjoys being involved in performance and social activities.

   She has taken AP classes throughout high school and likes English in particular. During her sophomore year, Natalie
won the Voice of Democracy essay contest organized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars nonprofit service organization.

   “My essay was on what my generation will bring to America,” Natalie said. “I won a scholarship.”

   Last year, she was a member of Daisy Chain in Hemet High School’s senior graduation ceremony, which meant she was honored as a top academic performer junior.

   “We did a special procession and handed out daisies,” Natalie said. 
   She is still deciding what career she might choose, but is considering some form of medicine or journalism.

   Natalie, who has two younger sisters and a brother, comes from a busy home. One sister is a freshman at Hemet High School, while the other siblings attend middle and elementary schools.

   During her freshman year, Natalie was in junior varsity cheer and ASB club. She has continued with similar activities throughout high school, staying involved in dance and ASB club.

   This year, she is captain of the song leading team and her title in ASB is commissioner of fine arts, which means she coordinates activities with the school’s fine arts groups, such as band and theater.

   “I am in charge of letting everyone in ASB know when they have events and we show up to support them,” Natalie
said. “If they need anything from ASB they can come to me.”

   Natalie is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, through which she has participated in many community service activities.

   “We laid sod at Diamond Valley softball field,” Natalie said. “And several years in a row we helped at Our House battered women’s shelter during the holidays. We used to pick out Christmas gifts for the kids, bring Santa and sing Christmas carols.”

   She also sings in the choir and has participated in Hemet parks cleanup activities.

   “I like to sing and dance and write,” Natalie said. “I really like poetry and song writing. And I really enjoy performing.”
Natalie Dunn

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