Centering Relationships and Data for Informed Decision Making

On February 28, 2023, Hemet Unified School District participated in the California Center for School Climates’s Annual Conference: The Power of Relationships in Supporting Positive School Climates by hosting a workshop presentation entitled, “Centering Relationships and Data for Informed Decision Making.” The workshop was co-presented by Dr. Jennifer Martin, Assistant Superintendent of Improvement and Analytics, and Kim Romeril, Principal of Hemet High School. The workshop emphasized the importance of building robust relationships with all educational partners to facilitate powerful data conversions and informed decision-making.

The presentation was driven by the recent work led by Dr. Martin, Principal Romeril, and a committee comprised of HUSD's senior leadership team, Hemet High School administration, as well as classified and certificated staff from Hemet High School. It highlighted the ongoing safety initiative pilot at Hemet High School. 

As stated by Dr. Martin, "We believe that relationships are key in making informed decisions that reflect the needs of the school community. Trust and mutual respect foster an environment where all stakeholders can share their perspectives, leading to a comprehensive understanding of issues and solutions." 

This people-centered approach has had a very positive impact and is aiding in the establishment and improvement of district-wide systems to support HUSD's mission of achieving positive learning outcomes for all students.

“Really, it’s a matter of working with those closest to the problem,” elaborated Principal Romeril. “We have been very intentional about engaging in conversations with the very people who are most involved and seeking to understand their perspectives, whether those impacted are students, staff, or families. As a result, we have built trusting relationships and collective buy-in.  Through this approach, we are working together to change the culture and build stronger systems within our site and HUSD.”

Workshop attendees departed with a comprehensive understanding of the significance of cultivating constructive relationships. They also learned valuable techniques for demonstrating care in how data is collected, shared, and used to make improvements. As HUSD continues in its effort to build trust through transparent processes by involving a diverse range of stakeholders in decision-making, it seeks to improve school climate and create a more supportive environment for students, families, and staff.