HHS Air Conditioning Update

Principal Shaw worked hard for the support and safety of the students and staff when the Air Conditioning failed in the 100's, 200's, and 800's portions of the campus.
Technicians spent hours performing the needed repairs to the cooling systems.  The AC was restored today, 9/5.  However, the cooling systems could not quickly reverse the already very warm classrooms.  Again siding for safety, school was released early at 11:30 on Thursday.
The good news is that with the cooling systems repaired, they will operate throughout the night cooling classrooms to comfortable levels again.  Technicians are monitoring the AC units to ensure school will start back on normal schedule on Friday the 6th.
This AC situation for the past two days was an unforeseen challenge where many students and staff displayed their exceptional character, helping this condition not become worst.  Principal Shaw sends her heartfelt thanks to those directly involved and to everyone for their support and understanding.
Hemet High looks forward to seeing our students bright and early in the morning ready for learning and new experiences.  Friday, 9/6, is scheduled as a normal school day following the standard bell schedule.
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