Preparation for Registration begins on July 23rd

Pre-Registration Packets

Starting July 23, visit Hemet High to receive a Pre-Registration Packet for all students.  These packets will help save you time on the Registration Days and contain valuable information for both parents and students.  
Please bring a copy of your proof of address (utility bill, mortgage paperwork, or rental agreements are valid).

Pickup times are 8-11 am.

Registration Days

Registration Days are organized by high school grade levels.  Parents and students, please attend based upon the following schedule.  Doing so will make it easier on you and the school staff.


Morning (8 - 11 am)

Afternoon (Noon - 2 pm)

July 30



July 31



August 1


Make-ups (all grade levels)


Student Photos @ Registration Days

At registration, students will have their photo taken for their:
  • School ID Card,
  • Yearbook, and the option to order your
  • School Pictures, which are optional to purchase
So, dress nice and be ready to smile.  Check out the attached file for details on ordering School Pictures.

Attached Files

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