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Senior Survey

"My Plans for Next Year"

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2016 SENIOR Academic Survey
Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Do not Agree No Opinion
1. Hemet High School has a clearly stated mission or purpose.
2. I am familiar with Hemet High’s student learning goals.
3. Hemet High staff have helped me achieve the student learning goals.
4. Hemet High is a safe, clean, and orderly place.
5. I have been held to high expectations at Hemet High.
6. My curriculum has helped me to achieve the student learning goals.
7. I have been helped to formulate a personal learning plan that will help me achieve future goals such as career or college.
8. I have been prepared to pursue my academic and career goals.
9. I have found my learning experiences at Hemet High challenging.
10. I often worked with other students in the learning process at Hemet High.
11. I routinely used a variety of resources for learning beyond the textbook.
12. I received the support I needed from Hemet High staff to be successful in my academic work.
13. I had adequate access to personal support services such as counseling, tutoring, etc.
14. I had adequate access to school activities.
15. I feel school facilities were adequate for me to achieve my learning goals.
16. I used assessment feedback to improve my learning and performance.

Periodic Testing Final Exams Oral/Visual Presentation Essays Homework Portfolio, etc.
17. What type of evaluation used during your high school career best demonstrated what you learned:
(check no more than two)

All Most Some None
18. How many of your teachers at Hemet High explained how they would determine your final grade?

  1. 19. How did you received information about Hemet High School activities/events?

    Daily Video Bulletin
    Posted Bulletin announcements
    Bulletin Board
    Rep rounds
    Message board in front of school
    All-Calls home (Parent Link)
    Social Media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

  2. 20. Did you use the career center this year?
    Yes No
  3. If yes, check all that apply

  4. 21. Did you complete a FAFSA?
    Yes No
  5. 22. If attending MSJC after graduation, did you meet with an MSJC counselor at Hemet High School?
    Yes No
  6. If yes, check all that apply:

If you would like to print out a copy of your survey, please click the Print button below before you submit your survey. You will also receive a copy of your submission at the email address entered in the Student Information section.